Introduction: Recycled Cardboard Claw

This is instructions on how to make a recycled cardboard mechanical Claw


You will need cardboard A drinking straw, scissors, hot glue gun, string, a knife, a pencil.

Step 1: Base

Get/make a 6“ x 12“ piece of cardboard and mark the center.

Step 2: Bottom of the Arm

Get a 3“ x 3“ piece of cardboard and mark the center of it as well.

Step 3: Mounting

Shove A bamboo skewer through the center of each piece of cardboard, cut off the extra skewer on either side. Glue the skewer to the cardboard.

Step 4: Body 1

Cut out two 6“ x 2“ rectangles of cardboard.

Step 5: Body 2

Glue the two rectangles to the base of the arm.

Step 6: Body3

Cut out and then glue a small piece of cardboard between the two rectangle for strength.

Step 7: Body 4

Cut out two 6“ x 1“ rectangles of cardboard then skewer them to the top of the other two rectangles.

Step 8: Body 5

Cut out and glue a small piece of cardboard inside the two rectangles for strength.

Step 9: Body 6

Cut out two more 1“ x 6“ rectangles, skewer them to the other two rectangles, and once again cut out a small piece of cardboard and glue it between the two rectangles for strength.

Step 10: String Holders

Cut two small pieces of cardboard and bend them into an L shape, glue one to each strengthening piece of cardboard.

Step 11: Claw

Cut out 2/2“ x 4“ cardboard rectangles bend them into a clause shape as shown glue each to one side of the arm glue A strain each car glue a piece of straw to the strengthening sub support rectangle feed each string through the straw.

Step 12: Stringing

Follow the pictures and using a drinking straws and stream create the mechanism for controlling the arm.

Step 13: Good Job

If you follow the instructions correctly your arm should now be complete, strings to move the arm enjoy

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