Introduction: Cardboard Magnifier Glass

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Ever wanted to be a detective? Well now you can with this cardboard magnifier glass.


  • magnifier glass sheet
  • scissors
  • compass
  • carboard
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • maker

Step 1: Measure Time

Take the compass and ruler and bring the compass to equal 1 3/8 in.

Step 2: Circle Time + Measure Time

Trace a circle with the compass at 1 3/8in. On the magnifier glass sheet.

Step 3: Cut Out the Circle

take the maker and trace over the circle on the magnifier circle and cut it out.

Step 4: Cardboard Time

trace 2 circles that are 4in in length on the cardboard. inside those circles trace 2 circles that are 2 1/2in in length.

Step 5: Cut Out Both Circles

first, cut out the inside circles then cut out the bigger circles ( refer to pictures)

Step 6: HOT GLUE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

take one circle and lay it down, then take the magnifier circle and hot glue that to the cardboard one. After that glue the other circle on top of the other pieces.

Step 7: Cutting Time

cut out 2 10cm long rectangle pieces and one 8 cm piece. ( i forgot to take a picture of the 8cm one)

Step 8: HOT GLUE TIME PART 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glue one of the 10 cm pieces on the bottom of the circle. then hot glue the 8 cm piece to the remaining of the 10cm piece. after that glue the 10 cm piece on top of the 8 cm and the bottom of the circle.

Step 9: Final Step

it does work as you can see from the picture. pls favorite and comment if you made it .

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