Introduction: Cardboard Shotgun That Shoots Bullets

Hi, welcome back to my new instruction

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to create a shotgun using only cardboard and other common household materials.


When complete, this gun features:

Realistic reloading bullets mechanism

A functional trigger.

Below is a video showing more details:

History of this Project

I have been spending on designing and building this gun for three days, so I hope you appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that went into it.

About Tutorial

In my tutorial video, i will try to so you every step to make this shot gun. However, Building this gun includes various step, therefore, some easy process as decorating, making bullets will be skipped to save time. I am sure you can do it also when looking at the model gun.

Oh wait..

This tutorial will be showing how to create a specific type of gun, the shot gun. I would like to point out, however, that the techniques I will cover can be applied to creating any type of gun out of cardboard, with a bit of creativity. ... I will release new gun such as Ak47 as in my next video

I would like to apologize in advance for the poor quality of images appearing in this writing instruction. I did record video during building this cardboard gun, hence all photos are took from my tutorial video. If these photos are not clear enough for you. Please watch my video.

And lastly, even though this design uses rubber band and shoots paper bullet, I have to say don't not fire it at people or animals.
Ok Let's begin

Step 1: What You Will Need

This list contains what you need to build this model. All materials are very common to you, you can easily find them in you house.However, I also mentioned some tools, if you dont have, I recommend buying.

1- Cardboard ( You should choose hard type with 5-6 mm of thick)

2- Super glue (2-3 packs)

3- A3 paper ( color paper is optional)

4- bamboo or wooden sticks (3mm of diameter)

5- 4x Ruber bands

6-Good quality pair of scissors

7-PencilRulerTriangle tool w/ a right angle

8-Needle or nail

9-A thicker pair of pliers

10- Glue gun

Step 2: Making the Gun Body

I designed this gun based on pictures on the internet. I also scanned my hand drawing plan and you can print it out. Of course, this plan was drawn by hand hence its dimension is not totally precise. I attach the plan in the video description. If you can, could you draw it on computer and upload it on here?
1- Body

I used totally 6 layers to make this gun's body. 2 x H1, 2 x H2 and 2 x H3.

All layer are made from hard cardboard. It is vary important because it will make you gun more durable and more powerful.

2- Trigger

Glue two piece of trigger together. Add more super glue to make it harder. After that use the nail make a hole on trigger as well as on the gun. Stick a piece 5cm of bamboo stick to the hole, make sure your trigger can move.

Do the same with T2. However, make two holes on it.

Step 3: Making Barrel and Fore-end


Rolling an A3 paper into a pipe with 7mm of inner-diameter

Adding supper glue to its heads


Rolling an A3 paper into a pipe with 2.4mm of outer-diameter

Rolling another piper with the size of 10cm in lengh and it can move smoothy on the pipe we make above

Use a stick to roll other A4 paper. Adding glue to its head and glue it to the 10cm pipe. On its the other head, use pliers to curve its tip.

Step 4: Assembling

- Glue the barrel to the body

- Glue the fore-end to the body

- Check the movement mechanism to make sure it works well or make adjustment if necessary

- Glue H2 and H1

Step 5: Finish