Introduction: Cardboard Steering Wheel for Phone

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This is a project that I have wanted to make for a while now. I will show you how to make a steering wheel for your phone that can be used in various app games that require tilting ( e.g. car games.) This project was really fun to make and could be given as a gift to someone.

Step 1:

First you need to make these pieces of cardboard. You need to make 3 bigger rectangles of the exact same size and two smaller and longer ones. One of the smaller ones will need to have a slightly shorter width than the other.

Step 2:

Now take a bigger rectangle and stick the two smaller ones to it like the photo above. As you can see, one of the smaller rectangles is slightly lower because we made it a shorter width. Now stick another big rectangle to the top to create a tilted surface.

Step 3:

You now need to punch a hole in the middle of the rectangle that is on an incline.

Step 4:

Cut a small piece of straw, two circles of cardboard and a longer piece of cardboard out. Score along the longer piece so it looks like the picture above. Now take one of the circles and punch a hole in the middle. Thread some string through it and tie a knot on the end. Thread it through the straw as well so it looks something like the second picture above.

Step 5:

You will need to remove the straw from the string, (sorry my bad!) and thread the string through the hole in the middle of the structure we made earlier. Thread the straw back on the string and pull the string so it is taut before putting just a little glue down the straw so that the string attaches to it. I recommend using super glue for this becuse of its short drying time. Cut of the excess string. It should look something like the two photos above.

Step 6:

Take the other circle and bend the long piece of cardboard that we scored around it. Make sure the long piece goes all the way around the circle. Punch a hole in the circle and push it onto the straw on the main structure. Do not glue it to the straw.

Step 7:

Now we have to make the wheel. Cut a shape like the ones in the first photo above. The shapes need to be a bit bigger than the size of your phone. You will need to make several identical shapes. I made 4 becuase I have a popsocket in my phone which makes it thicker but you will probably only need 3 if you dont have a popsocket. Cut one of the shapes like the one in the bottom of the second photo and cut the rest like the ones above in the second photo. The big hole in the middle of these shapes needs to be the same size as your phone. Attach them together so it looks like the third photo above

Step 8:

Take off the small structure we made earlier and hot glue it to the middle of the back of the steering wheel. Push it back on and you are almost done!

Step 9:

Now you can decorate how you like!

Step 10:

And you have made it!

Thank you for reading my instructable!

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