Introduction: Celtic Knots Hairstyle~Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

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Welcome to the Celtic Knots Hairstyle tutorial!

All you need to know is how to do a simple 3-strand braid. There are great tutorials for this on Instructables if you don't know how.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!




Medium-length or long hair

Small ponytail holder

Step 1: Prep

Brush out the hair until it's nice and straight. If you're using a doll, like I did, spritzes of water go a long way to smoothing the hair. It will need to be tangle-free to make the next part easier.

Step 2:

Take two small locks from both sides of the head, and three locks from the back of the head. Divide all the hair into five equal sections at the back of the head.

Step 3:

Take the two locks on the right side and the middle lock and braid them together in a regular braid once.

Step 4:

Then, take the left-hand locks and the farthest left lock from the prior braid, and braid them together once. Continue the pattern of braiding once on each side until you run out of length.

Step 5:

When you reach the end of the hair, tie it off with a small ponytail holder. "Pancake" the braid by pulling gently on the sides of it to give volume.

Step 6:

You're done! Enjoy your Celtic Knot, and being a wee bit Irish. :D