Introduction: Custom State Move Map Poster

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Perfect for commemorating moves, whether due to marriage, graduation, or simply a job transfer, this map reminds you of a previous home and celebrates your new one!


Thick paper like cardstock, in a light color for best visibility
Templates or stencils of the states you want
Pencil for tracing
Pens for decor
EITHER patterned paper and a glue stick OR markers to fill in the state outline

Step 1: The Top

Find a quote to use on the top. No matter the occasion, ones about the future are positive to use! Write it in a fun script on the top of the poster.

Step 2: Trace the States

Trace the shape of your states of choice, either directly on to the cardstock if you’re using markers of onto the patterned paper if you’re using it. If you used the markers, you can just fill in the outline with them. If you’re using the paper, cut out the shape and glue it on to your poster.

Step 3: Customize + Finishing Touches

Draw hearts or circles on the two town locations on the states. Draw a dotted line between them; no need to be efficient! Loops add whimsicality.
Write the name of the towns and states below their silhouettes. You could add the address and year for extra personalization. Display with pride! 😄