Introduction: Cheap and Easy Bevel Angle Guide for Woodworking Tools

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This is how I create a simple Bevel Angle Guide for woodworking tools.

It could be used for other application requiring an angle measurement for blades, especially when honing a plane blade or chisel.

What you will need:

A printable template (download from my website)

A piece of plastic. I used the lid from a used paint container.

A permanent marker or CD/DVD pen.

A pair of strong sharp scissors.

PVA glue.

A 3-4mm hole punch.

I will soon make available a 3D model for using with 3D printers.

Step 1: Cut Out the Template

Download the free template here:

carefully cut around the outside edge of the template.

I punched holes in the template before gluing it to the piece of plastic as the punch may disturb the process later. The reason for this step is that circles of the template need to be punched out in the plastic and the template may snag on the punch and distort the template.

Step 2: Glue the Template to the Plastic and Punch the Holes Out

I used the lid from an old paint container. It needed to be cleaned before I could glue the template to it.

Cut the plastic to the outside dimensions of the template.

Glue the template to the plastic. I use diluted PVA. The template needs to be removed later, so the glue only needs to hold it well enough not to slip.

Next punch (you could use another method such as drilling) the circles out of the plastic using the template as a guide.

Step 3: Cut Out the Angles in the Plastic

Carefully cut out the angles using a pair of strong sharp scissors. It is important to take your time and make accurate cuts for the bevel guide to be useful.

Clean off the template from the plastic.

Next mark the angles on the guide using a permanent marker or a CD/DVD pen.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Tool

A tip for removing the small pieces of plastic from the hole punch is to use a bent panel pin to push the waste out of the end.

Enjoy your new tool.

Namaste :)

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