Introduction: Chick Pea Sundal(snack)

-Sundal can be done with any beans of your choice.These are high in proteins and low in fat and can be a good evening snack.


-one cup boiled chick peas

-one onion chopped

-2 garlic cloves

-one dry red chilli

-few curry leaves

-Half tsp cumin,mustard seeds

-Half tsp split black gram

-pinch of turmeric

-one tsp coriander powder

-salt as per taste

-0ne tbsp dry dessicated coconut

-little lime juice for taste

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Boil Chick Peas

-First step is to soak chick peas overnite in water.Next day pressure cook them.

Step 2: Sauteing

-Take little oil in vessel and add half tsp cumin,mustard seeds.when they splutter add half tsp split black gram

Step 3: Add Curryleaves and Garlic

-Next add few curry leaves and garlic and saute for few seconds

Step 4: Add Diced Onions

-Add finely chopped onions and red chilli.Saute until onions are cooked

Step 5: Add Boiled Chick Peas

-Next add a cup of boiled chick peas and mix everything.

Step 6: Add Spices

-Add one tsp coriander powder and give a mix

Step 7: Add Dry Dessicated Coconut

-Finally add a tbsp of dry dessicated coconut,salt as per taste,pinch of turmeric and mix everything.

-squeeze little lime juice and serve hot or cold without any accompainment as snack

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