Introduction: Chill Drink in 10 SECONDS!

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Hi Maker!

In this Short tutorial I show an awesome experiment for Cool you drink in Few Second, You need only Compressed Air and...Your Drink obviously :)

If you want to see the Final result Watch the video Below:

Source: I see this awesome project the first time on this guide!

Step 1: Check the Temperature

For test the effective result of this experiment I use Thermometer and I analyzed the initial and final temperature of my drink.
This step isn't really necessary, I made only for a test and to show if the experiment work :D

Step 2: Super Cooled

Grab your Compressed air and turn upside down, this step is really important..

Spray on your Drink in all part, from top to the bottom, be careful because the air come out from the spray bottle it's really cold and can burn your skin, use the glove if you prefer..

Step 3: Less Over 10 Grade

Whats happened here?

This is a really simple, a pressurized gas will decrease in temperature as the pressure is released, and increase in temperature as the pressure is increased. This is how most cooling systems work.

When You put this air near your drink much of the "cool air" refrigerate your drink, be careful because you can burn your skin !

Try to make the same think with the compressed air in the water! the water became Ice immediatly!

Thank you so much for your attention!

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Thank You so Much for Your support :D


Step 4:

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