Introduction: Chill Drink With SuperLiquid, Forget the Ice

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In this Tutorial I want to show you awesome way to chiil your drink in the best way, remember this Method because with this trick you don't need anymore of the ice for your drink, in fact the ice melt in your drink and change the original taste...bleah!

Check the video for see how to make in few seconds:

Step 1: Material

For this experience you need a few components, you can find in all home:

-Glass Jar




Step 2: Bath of Egg

You need to saturate the solution...

"what is saturated solution?"

In physical chemistry, saturation is the point at which a solution of a substance can dissolve no more of that substance and additional amounts of it will appear as a separate phase link

Ok, now add the salt in the water and when you see the salt on the bottom of water you have Saturated solution of water-salt.

For check your liquid get the egg in the solution, if you see the egg float on water, you're ok!

Step 3: Freezing...?

Fill your jar with this liquid, I don't have the correct misure of liquid because change of your type of Jar and the type of drink you need to chill (Bottle, Alluminum can)

After, put your Jar in the freezer (not the Enemy of the sayan :D the deep-freeze )

With the salt, the Water changes

it's characteristics, now for freeze this water the 0° Celsius don't enought, you need over -20° Celsius!!!

Leave this jar for 1 or 2 hour to work at the maximum of power...

Step 4: Little Experiment!

Now Let's Try awesome experiment!

I create this Tutorial to see how time I need to chill a drink, and the result it's amazing.

Look :

  • Start from 28 C° (82.40ºF)
  • After 1 Minute 10 C° (50.00ºF)
  • After 2 Minute 2.3 C° (36.14ºF)
  • After 2 Minute out of the Jar the Temperature goin BELOW -0.3 C° (31.46°F)

The awesome "Skill" of this liquid (brine) can refrigerate other things, because when you put in the Brine, the Low temperature absorb the heat from your drink and tried to balance the temperature.

You can leave this Liquid in the Freezer "forever" and when you need simply get out from the freezer and chill your drink, forgotten the boring ice!

Step 5: Thank You So Much...Follow Me :D

Thank you for your attention, if you want other experiment check my channel here and subscribe:

I made Many experiment and other instructables about the "cool" and awesome experiment for refrigerate:

Check It.

Thank You so much...At the next Time.

Bye Ludvic

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