Introduction: Chole and Masala Puri

-chole masala is spicy and tempting curry of punjabi cuisine in india. it is prepared from white chick peas,tomatoes,onion and basic indian spices and can be enjoyed with masala puri or even bhatura.

ingredients for chole masala:

-2 cups boiled chick peas

-1 boiled potato

-2 diced onions

-2 diced tomatoes

-Half tsp of cumin and mustard seeds

-one tsp coriander powder

-Half tsp red chilli powder

-pinch of turmeric powder

-salt as per taste

-2 tsp chole masala powder

-one tsp ginger garlic paste

-pinch of fenugreek(dry mehti)

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Procedure for Chole Masala

-First step is to soak chick peas over night and boil them.Even boil potato along with chick peas and keep ready

Step 2: Blend Tomatoes

-Dice 2 tomatoes and blend them to puree

Step 3: Sauteing

-Take little oil in vessel add when is heated add cumin,mustard seeds,

- when they splutter add few curry leaves

Step 4: Add Ginger Garlic Paste and Turmeric

- Add diced onions and when onions are cooked add tsp of ginger garlic paste and pinch of turmeric and saute till raw smell of ginger leaves.

Step 5: Add Tomato Puree and Spices

Next add blended tomato puree and spices half tsp red chilli powder,half tsp coriander powder

Step 6: Add Remaining Spices

-Even add 2 tsp chole masala,salt as per taste and mix all spices with sauted onions and tomato puree

Step 7: Add Boiled Potato

-Next chop the boiled potato slices and add them.

Step 8: Add Boiled Chick Peas

-Take 2 cups of boiled chick peas and add to it.Mix everything ,cover and cook for some time.

-Finally garnish with pinch of fenugreek/kassori mehti) and serve hot with masala puris.

Step 9: Procedure for Masala Puris


-2 cups wheat flour

-2tbsp semolina

-pinch of salt

-Half tsp red chilli powder

-half tsp coriander powder

-half tsp carom seeds(ajwain)

-pinch of fenugreek(kasoori mehti)

-pinch of salt

-water for making dough

-any cooking oil


-Take wheat flour in vessel and add 2tbsp semolina to it.

Step 10: Add All Spices

-Add half tsp coriander powder,half tsp red chilli powder to flour

Step 11: Add Remaining Spices

-Even add pinch of salt,half tsp dry fenugreek leaves,half tsp carom seeds

-Mix all spices with semolina and wheat flour

Step 12: Add Water and Make Dough

-Add water little by little and make a non sticky dough.Dough should be little stiff.

Step 13: Rolling

-Take small portions of dough and make small balls out of it.

-Take individual ball, flatten it and roll using roller.Rolling should not be too thin like we roll for chapathi but it should be1/4 inch thickness.

-Iam not using any aditional flour for rolling. Just apply little oil on rolling surface and even on balls and roll them without using any flour for dusting and rolling

Step 14: Frying

-Take oil in kadai and when oil is heated add rolled puris on to hot oil and press them with laddle.They puff up after pressing on sides.

-serve this hot masala puris with chole.

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