Introduction: Choose the Right Muzzle for Your Dog

There is a time in a dogs life that it has to wear a muzzle, weather it be pubilc transportation, vet visits, grooming, clipping toe nails or worse yet BSL. (Breed Specific Legislation) or better known as (Bull Shit Law)

Step 1: Leather Police Style Muzzle

Leather Police Muzzle - This Muzzle was designed to be used on a GSD, great for very aggressive dog as it is very hard for the dog to remove when it is fitted properly, Allows the dog to open its mouth inside the muzzle to pant, yet it can't bite you. This type of muzzle sometimes has a quick release snap on the neck strap, it normally has a metal or steel reinforcement built inside the muzzle to help it keep it's shape under pressure. It is also designed for the dog to use as a bettering ram to knock people down, this is very effective and better than getting bitten.

Step 2: Nylon (Mesh) Muzzle

A nylon muzzle is to only be used for 5 -15 minutes at a time with supervision, This muzzle is designed to keep the dogs mouth shut which prevents the dog from panting, which takes away the dogs natural cooling system. This is a good muzzle to use if your dog does not like its toe nails clipped and bites to avoid getting them trimmed.

Step 3: Leather Harness Muzzle

This muzzle is made like a harness and is normally labeled as an "Attack" Muzzle on amazon and ebay. I don't know of any professional trainer that would ever use this type of muzzle on an attack dog.

The gaps between the straps are too big and the dog could easily get at a finger or two.

It does allow the dog to pant and maybe drink while wearing it so it could be used on a no aggressive dog.

Step 4: Wire Basket Muzzle

Normally better quality than a Plastic Basket Muzzle, Better suited for longer nosed dogs, shorter ones are available with a forehead strap for dogs with a shorter nose, such as a rottweiler.

The dog can easily pant, drink, and some can even eat while wearing this muzzle.

Step 5: Plastic Basket Muzzle

This style of dog muzzles is one of the best for everyday walking if your area requires your dog to be muzzled and your dog is not aggressive. This style of Muzzle is too easy for the dog to remove if it tries to attack another dog/human/thing

Step 6: Jafco Muzzle

Plastic Basket with leather, plastic, or nylon straps. This is a great muzzle for everyday use, protection/guard dog use. It comes in sizes to fit almost all, I think the smallest they make is one that will fit a JRT. This muzzle is very durable and could easily last a long time with everyday use.

Step 7: Halti Headcollar

A lot of people think this is a muzzle, and a lot know that it is not.

Whether it is a muzzle or not, it should never be used. It is way too unsafe. The way it is intended to work is by turning the dogs head to the side when it pulls to stop the dog from pulling.

If the dog would happen to run and jerk the leash, it's head would also be jerked to the side, which could possible cause damage to the dogs Neck or Spinal cord which could be very bad.