Introduction: Christmas Tree Sweater

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Hello all,

In this Instructables I will be showing you how to make a Christmas tree sweater using very common things during Christmas Ugly Christmas sweaters are always catches eyes so let's make it.


sweater (preferably green)

garland ribbon strings (green)

Christmas balls

hot glue gun

some big Christmas stocking (i used a star)

Step 1: Make the Outline of Christmas Tree

Make the outline of the Christmas tree on the sweater by using the green garland ribbon string as shown. You can stick the string using a hot glue gun or fabric glue.

Step 2: Repeat the Step on the Other Half of the Tree

Repeat the steps on the other half too and leave the end of the string uncut to give a better look.

Step 3: Add the Balls

Stick the Christmas balls or any other things you want to the end of each branch of the Christmas tree.

Step 4: Stick the Star

Stick the star at the top of the Christmas tree using the hot glue gun.

Step 5: Make the Cap!

Take a birthday cap and turn the ribbon string around it and stick it with the hot glue gun. The cap makes you look like a Christmas tree!

Step 6: Add Two Christmas Balls to the Bottom of Cap

Step 7: And You Are Done!

This is how you can make a Christmas tree sweater. Merry Christmas.

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