Cinnamon Apple Stuffed Bread Rolls




Introduction: Cinnamon Apple Stuffed Bread Rolls

- Cinnamon apple stuffed bread rolls can be a good dessert or even as breakfast.

-These bread rolls will be crispy outside with inside apple cinnamon filling and is very tasty.


- One peeled and finely chopped apple

- 3 tablespoon sugar

- one teaspoon cinnamon powder

- pinch of salt

- Half teaspoon lime juice

- Three bread slices

- Melted butter for brushing

Step 1: Preparing the Filling

-Peel the skin of apple and and finely chop it.Take a sauce pan and add chopped apple slices and three tablespoon sugar

-Once sugar is added it starts melting.Give a mix

Step 2: Add Cinnamom Powder and Pinch of Salt

-Next add half teaspoon cinnamon powder,pinch of salt and few drops of lime juice.

Step 3: Cook Till Apple Becomes Soft

-Mix everything and cook till apple slices become soft.This process should be done on medium flame to prevent burning.

-Once apple filling is prepared cool it for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Flatten Bread Slices

- Next step is to prepare bread slices for filling and rolling.

- Take white bread or wheat bread of your choice.Bread should be fresh to prevent it from breaking during rolling

- Remove the crust of bread slices and flatten them using rolling pin.

Step 5: Place Apple Cinnamon Filling

-Brush the bread slice with melted butter. Take apple cinnamon filling and place in the center of bread slice leaving little gap at all corners.

Step 6: Roll

-After placing the filling roll the bread as shown in my images.

Step 7: Toast on Pan Till They Turn Brown Color

-Heat the pan and add some butter to it. place the rooled bread slices on it.

-Toast on both sides till they turn little brown color.

- Enjoy the cinnamon apple stuffed bread rolls

(You can even bake them at 150 degree centigrade for 15 minutes)

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