Introduction: Circle Threading Pattern

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This was an attempt to amuse my little girl for a few hours! Its summer holidays and believe it or not the weather is TOO HOT!

Any way this is a simple take on the pin and thread art.


1/8" plywood. each disc measures 180mm in diameter.

2mm drill bit.

Thread (multicoloured wool)

Some tacks to pin the 3 bits of plywood together if you intend to do more than one.

Step 1: Cut and Drill the Plywood.

Not a lot to this really, but that does depend on whether you have a scroll saw, pedestal drill and belt sander?

  1. Print out the pattern.
  2. Stick the pattern to the plywood using stick glue.
  3. Tack 3 pieces of plywood together nailing the tacks on the outside in 2/3 places.
  4. Cut out the circles leaving the section where the tacks are uncut.
  5. Drill all the holes 2mm, make sure you use a waste piece of wood underneath.
  6. Sand around the edges.
  7. Finally cut out the tacks.
  8. And then holding the 3 bits together sand the remaining edges.
  9. Peel of the paper pattern.
  10. Gentle sand around all the holes on both sides.

Step 2: Starting Off

  1. Take your chosen thread (in my case multicolored wool) and wrap it around the pattern 36 times. this will give you enough length to complete the whole pattern with a little bit spare.
  2. Thread the wool into the hole and tie it off using a very big knot. i did this by doubling the thread twice then tying the 4 strands in a knot.
  3. Then take a piece of copper wire and make a needle.
  4. Choose a hole on the opposite side but not directly opposite. (don't choose the hole 180 deg away) i choose to go from hole 1 to hole 21. if you go more you will get a bigger hole in the middle.
  5. Then on the underside go to the next hole either clockwise or anti, it doesn't matter which way you go as long as you continue to go in the same direction. On my example i went to hole 22.
  6. Then thread to the opposite side again next to the starting point. (hole 2)
  7. AND SO ON.
  8. At some stage you will have to revisit each hole, and ultimately you will have a complete circle on the underside.
  9. When you have finished your last hole then tie the thread off.
  10. And that is it.
  11. You could try another pattern on top of the first one, But choose a different number of holes.


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