Introduction: Clay Doll for Your Love One

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This intructable will teach you how to make a clay doll for your beloved one,Materials you need to prepare for this are:

1) Metal wire

2) Clay (I bought "La doll") since it is very easy to sculp.

3) Water

4) Paint (paint from toy/model shop)+clear paint (for the final step)

5) Paint brush (different sizes)

6) Toothpic/ knife/ sculpturing tools

7) Fan (To dry the doll faster)

8) Gift box + wrapping paper+tape

9) Your heart <== this is important

And you are ready to go:

Step 1: Make the Frame (gesture/pose)

Use the metal wire you bought, make it a frame for your doll. Bend it as close as to the doll's posture as possible. Try to get a stable base for your doll to sit on or lean on since it is going to be with you doll for all the rest steps. ( The cylinder object is a wrong demonstration, do not follow).

Step 2: Step 2: Apply Clay to the Metal Wire

Start to apply clay to your doll, try to apply the clay to the metal wire with a rough shape and wait it to dry first <== this is important to wait it to dry because else it is going to be very difficult to get those sharp details. The thumb of rule ==> Layer by layer.You may use sculpture tools at this step to adjust the shape whatever suits you.

Step 3: Tools for the Shape

Once the first layer dried, you then can use tools to sculpt it. I use knife to cut the shape just to get the intial form factor, and once satisified, applying the second layer , and use sculpturing tools if neccessary.The routine goes on repeatly until you are content with the shape.

Step 4: Use Water With the Clay to Smooth the Surface

Don't do the details while it is not dried, also if you want to get the silky feeling for the surface, try to apply some water to the clay and smooth it with your finger or any other tools that suits you.

Step 5: Carving Out Details

Use sharp tools to carve out details, pay attention to the shadow area, use tools to exaggerate these areas so the doll looks more three dimensional.

Step 6: Adding Accessaries to the Doll

You can start to add accessaries to the doll if you have any. Normally you can sculpt the accessary and use wet clay to stick it to the doll.

Step 7: Dry It Up and Prepare to Paint

Dry it up with a fan, I took 2 days to dry it , the longer it took to dry it the better since you dont want any moist to be encapsulated by the paint. Get the paint ready, I used 6 basic color, since you can mix it to create more colors, and save you money.

Step 8: Applying Paint

Applying the paint, and don't forget tso let it dry before applying another color.Use clear paint for the final step just to secure all the colors you paint previously.

Step 9: Ready to Surpise You Beloved

Wrap it up with a gift box and wrapping paper, find a romantic place and good timing to surprise your beloved.

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