Introduction: Clay Leopard Gecko

This is a gecko I made out of clay, inspired by my pet leopard gecko, Dotty.
I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


. Clay
. 2 green beads
. Golden paint
. Black ink
. Wire

Step 1: Wire Body

Get some copper wire and bend it into the shape above. ( Small head, sausage sized body and large round tail.)

Step 2: Head

Take a small amount of clay, and mould it around the head shape you made from wire in the previous step. Make a long-ish snout and two small arches for where you will later put the eyes.

Step 3: Body

The body is a really simple shape. All you need to do is wedge the clay between the copper frame. Cover the middle and sides up completely.

Step 4: Tail

Leopard gecko tails consist of loose flappy skin in a banded shape. Roll the clay into a worm and twist it round the tail frame.

Step 5: Legs

Get some wire and bend it into a staple sort of shape. Do this twice. Then mould some clay round it. Make sure you include muscles and small hands. Leopard gecko hands are like human ones. Repeat four times.

Step 6: Paint!!!!!

Paint your gecko in gold paint. I prefer to do this when the clay is wet, but you don’t have to.

Step 7: Spots!!!!!

Next, you’ll need leopard gecko spots. Put some ink on a paint brush and flick over the gecko.

Step 8: Wait Until It Dries

Put your gecko on a log and wait for it to dry. Then sit back and admire your work!!!!!!!

Step 9: Leopard Gecko Facts

1. Leopard geckos come from north India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
2. Leopard gecko males should not live together.
3. Leopard geckos store fat in their tails, which they can snap off if they need to.
4. This is my (real) pet leopard gecko, Dotty (top).