Introduction: Jar-madillo

Make your own Jar-Madillo!!

this is an armadillo like creature that lives in a jar.


You will need:

. A paper bag.

. Wool/ Yarn.

. Glue.

. Fabric that you can draw on.

. Thin string.

. Pens that will draw on the fabric.

. A jar.

. Some stones.

. A tall green plant.

Step 1: 1. Decorations for Your Jar.

Go outside. Try and find some stones and a green plant. Using scissors gently cut off The top of a plant. Next arrange the stones and plant in your jar. Make sure your jar is big enough to fit your new Jar-Madillo in. I’ve use the peanut butter jar. Remember to wash it and get the label off. Good luck!!!!!

Step 2: Making the Shape

Get your paper bag and scrunch it up. Make sure one and is a lot thicker than the other. Try and hold it still and wrap your yarn around it. Your yarn would probably be about the length of your arm or longer. Make sure every part of it is covered include the nose. By the end of it you should see none of the paper bag. Once it’s rapped around that much make a knot. You should be left up with a woolly ball.

Step 3: Adding the Legs

Get your yarn and tie a knot at the end. This will become his foot. Then hook it through the other wool and tie a knot. Do the same with the rest of the lengths of yarn. You’ll need about four. Use the thin bits of string to strengthen the legs.

Step 4: The Face

Flatten the fabric down. Take a small corner and draw two semicircles. Draw a large circle inside the semicircles and then colour the outside in black. These are the eyes. Draw a small half moon for the ears and put half moon another inside. Repeat this. These are the ears. Draw a small black triangle for the nose. Stick them all on the front of your character with glue.

Step 5: The Armour

Using the same fabric as you used for the face, Cut out a small curved oblong. Decorate it with scales and stripes, you could even colour it in. Then coat it in glue. Gently bend around the armadillo’s body and leave to dry.

Step 6: Done!!!!!

Put your Jar-Madillo into its new home, he’s all finished!!!!!!!!

You’re finished!!!!!!!!

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