Introduction: Cool Clay Wolf

This is my fantasy wolf I made from clay




Small stones

Cool background (optional)

Feathers-stuff that look like fur

Step 1: Head

Take out a small blob of clay and mould it into a snout and add two pointed ears. This will form the head.

Step 2: Body

Create a long cylinder and build up a neck onto the body it should look like the image above. Hopefully it will become the beginnings of the body. I’ll add more detail later.

Step 3: Add the Legs

Take a blob of clay and divide it into quarters. Mould the front two onto the chest and push in the back in a bit and mould two smaller more triangular legs. The back legs are bent.

Step 4: Tail

Make a hole in the bottom of your wolf and pinch the end of another piece of clay, stick the pinched end of the clay into the hole. Mould it all in. Then, build up the tail and gently curl it round a bit

Step 5: Face Details

Add a tiny piece of slate for the nose and two tiny pieces of red brick for the eyes. You can draw circles in the eyes and decorate with string.

Step 6: Body: Details

Add some chopped up pieces of feather (optional) and lines that form ribs. Add claws to the feet.

Step 7: Fur

Add more feathers and other bits that could become fur. Please note that they could come off while the clay dries. If you want you could treat your wolf with a cool background.

Now all you have got to do is wait.

Step 8: For the Wolves

Thank you so much for seeing this. I love wolves and I hope this inspires people to love them too. They are really cool creatures.

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