Introduction: Coffee Grounds for Costuming

Two years ago, I was a zombie for Halloween. One of the problems with the costume, is it had to be worn and dirty, yet be clean—and the answer to this was using COFFEE GROUNDS!

Yes, that leftover product of morning magic was the perfect color, grit, and consistency to make anything look dirty, and worn.

Step 1: Step One: DRINK COFFEE

This was my favorite part of this instructable!!

About two scoops of ground coffee is the perfect amount for aging/dirtying a quarter of the costume.

After your coffee brews, let the grounds sit for about an hour, so they're still damp, but have cooled down

I found the grounds stain better when they're cooled a bit.

Step 2: Prep

Set out a piece of cardboard (larger) on a flat surface. You also need something taller to hang the material, while you are rending/cutting/aging it. Get a stiff metal brush as well to work the coffee into the material, and fray edges where you cut/slashed with the box cutter.

Step 3: Jean Splicing

Taking an old ratty pair of denim jeans (or any material really), get a box cutter and start 'slashing' the material in a random pattern. Get out that rage...

Lousy pay?


Coffee cold?


Let it go!

Feel better?

Step 4: Staining / Aging

Okay, now set that ripped fabric on the cardboard and take the coffee grounds WITH THE FILTER and start rubbing it into the material in a circular motion.

Do one small section at a time, till you are happy with the results. After you apply a section, shake out the residue into a trash can, and let dry before you do the next quarter so you don't over stain an area.

Step 5: Secret Bonus Step

Here is a preview of the next instructable the 'beating heart'


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