Introduction: Colored Earring With Ribbon

Welcome to my instructables.

I will explain the basical methods to make earring. You can reuse it for many others styles.



  • Nice ribbon (~10cm, here Liberty)
  • Pearl (x6)
  • heads pins (x6)
  • Closed rings (x2)
  • Leverback Earring Findings (x2)

  • Ribbon ends (x2)


  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

You can fin all this in local shop, or on internet ( all on for exemple )

If you already have the tools, it will cost less than 5euros

Step 1: Top Part

Cut the ribbon with you're scissors. You need twice the size. Here I had cut 5cm pieces.

Put the ribbon inside the ring. Fold it in half and close it with the ribbon end (use the flat nose pliers to close it strongly)

If you have 2 ears, do it twice !

Step 2: Lower Part

Insert a pearl in a head pins.

Fold it at 135° with the flat nose pliers (as showned on the picture)

Cut it with the wire cutter, leaving 1cm after the pearl.

Here, a technical move to make the wire loop. You have the video that show how to turn the wire with the round nose pliers.

For this earring model, do all this for each pearls.

Step 3: Assembly

Now, you have to open the loop to put it inside the ring.

Don't reopen the loop by rewinding you're last move. Instead, open it from the side using the flat nose pliers.

Put it in the ring and close it.

Repeat for each pearls.

And finally, use the same move to open (on the side) the "leverback earring findings" to clip it to the ribbon ends.

Enjoy it ! For yourself or offer it to friends !

Use you're imagination to make many others !

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