Introduction: Comic Book Name Sign

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This is a fun and easy project that looks really nice. Fun for a kid's room. I made it for a superhero themed baby shower.

Step 1: Materials

3 pieces of cardboard 15x20
1.5 inch Styrofoam strip
masking tape
small paint brush
3 - 5 comic books
X-acto knife
computer and printer
magazines or books

Step 2: Cutting Out Shape and Forming.

Using the pencil draw V shapes at various angles around one piece of cardboard to create the burst shape. Use the x-acto knife to cut out the shape.

Use the finished shape as a template and trace it on to a second piece of cardboard. Use the x-acto knife to cut out the shape.

Glue the Styrofoam piece onto the center of a shaped cardboard. Glue the second shaped piece onto the glued Styrofoam. Make sure both pieces are aligned. Place magazines or books on top, to press them together. Let dry.

Cut the remaining cardboard piece into strips the width of the two pieces. Bend them into the angles and use masking tape to secure them.

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing Comics

Cut the comics and use the most vibrant and action filled scenes.

Brush the glue onto the cardboard and apply cut comics. Brush a coat of glue onto the applied piece. Continue until both sides are covered.

Make sure to glue down any comics that hang over the edges.

Let dry.

Using strips the width of the edge, glue them onto the edges to create a seamless look. Let dry.

Step 4: Making Letters and Gluing.

I made the letters using the free font Badaboom. You can find it and download it by searching online. Once installed, I printed each letter needed in MS Word at 550 pt.

Use a laser printer, if possible to print the letters. If not, make copies of any inkjet print outs. This needs to be done so the letters do not bleed or run when they are glued on.

Cut out the letters leaving a small trim of white, this will help the letters pop.

Use the same method to glue the letters as you did the comics.

You can choose to make the sign single sided or with the name on both sides.

Step 5: Enjoy.

That's it.

You can stand it to display it or make a hole in the back to hang it on a wall.

Feel free to comment with a picture showing one you made, I look forward to seeing them.
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