Introduction: Continues Zipper Bag

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This Zip UP Bag is super easy to make and very cheap too. It's easy to pack away and assembling is as easy as pulling up a zip! You don't believe me?? Read on oh you who are want to make ;-)

Step 1: Materials

Continues Zipper in 2 colors would look better. ( Try craft stores, upholstery raw material shops or ebay)

Zipper heads

Basic sewing skill - Either Whip stitch by hand or machine running stitch.

Step 2: ​Making Dual Colored Zippers

To make your dual colored zippers you need to first separate the zippers and then exchange one side of one zipper with the other side of the other colored zipper. Sometimes if the sides are wrong the zipper would twist. Simply remove and then exchange with the other strip.

Step 3: ​Lets Start With Coin Purse

Making the zipper bag is pretty easy. The concept is the same no matter what the size.

Fold zipper the length required for the bottom of the bag. The right side of the zipper should be facing each other. Now, start to sew from the folded side till you come to the edge. It would be easier to sew if you unzipped a bit .

Once you come to the edge of the zipper keep the needle down and move the orange zipper to a 90 degrees and sew. along black line again do a 90 degree turn and sew. The orange zipper would be on top of the pink zipper. Now continue sewing attaching both the orange and pink zippers like this till you get the required length for your purse.

When you get your required height, zip up and press down. Pin so that you know the two corners. Now you have to sew here the same as you did at the bottom. Cut off excess zipper. Tack the zipper down with a needle and thread if you find it difficult at first. Then Unzip and sew it down.

Now turn inside out and you are done!

All other bags are just a bigger size of this and only handles added

Step 4: Bag With Strap.

Make your bag according to the coin purse but stop before a few zipper rounds to the end of the purse.

Measure and cut Zipper strip according to how much you want the shoulder strap to be. Pin it to the inside of either side of the bag. The zipper should be placed so that the right side faces the walls of the bag ( I've taken the picture wrong and didn't notice till I uploaded. Now sew as you did the coin purse. Cut off excess zipper.

Step 5: ​Flower Embellishment

You can add a flower embellishment to give the bag a real cute look.

Take one side of the zipper. Sew a running stitch and pull till you get about 6 circles. Tack it in and start arranging the petals to form a flower and slowly start tacking again so that the shape stays. Now fix it to your bag to make it nice and cute!

Step 6: Show It Off!

Isn't it a fantastic bag?? You can try 2 straps too!

I first came across this bag when I saw a sweet Aunt by marriage selling these. She has done a fantastic job in color combinations and her prices are very reasonable. A basic bag is like $5! I don't think you could ever find such bags for that price. You can check out her FB page here, and if you like it perhaps you can ask her to ship it for you!

Show me the bags you come up with! I would love to see them.:-)

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