Introduction: Coraline's Dragonfly Clip

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Follow this instructable to make your very own dragon fly hair clip as seen on Coraline!

This clip is a great accessory for a Coraline cosplay and would hold up to light use. The materials could be altered to create a studier clip but the one here would cost about $8.00.

Step 1: Supplies

To make this clip (approx. 2" wide , 1 1/2" tall) you will need:

Yellow craft foam sheet,

Gold non-toxic craft paint

Blue non-toxic craft paint

Pink and blue self adhesive rhinestones of various sizes





Metal alligator hair clip

Hot glue


Step 2:

Trace your template onto the yellow foam sheet and cut out dragon fly.

Paint with several coats of gold paint and let dry between coats.

Paint cardstock blue.

Let dry.

Step 3: Bling

Add blue rhinestones down the middle of the dragonfly. Start with one big one and progressively get smaller as you go down the back.

Add pink rhinestones on the wings. Try to keep the layout of the stones symmetrical if possible.

Press each stone down once you place it.

Step 4: Backing

Trace your dragonfly on to the wrong side of the blue painted cardstock. Cut out and slightly trim the edges a little more so they don't stick out from the dragonfly top once assembled.

Hot glue the wrong side of the top dragonfly to the wrong side of the cardstock and press firmly.

Hot glue the alligator hair clip long ways across the underside of the dragonfly.

Step 5: Wear

Your clip is now ready to wear!

Store your clip in a safe place when not in use.