Introduction: Craft Supplies Organizing

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I try to reuse and re purpose everything! I do not throw away any packaging. I cut plastic jars, like from mayonnaise, and use them as a containers with water for cleaning brushes after painting, or all the plastic boxes from fruits and veggies I keep for storing all my craft supplies. Bellow you can see some organizing tips. Those boxes are transparent, so it is easy for me to see what is inside.


Plastic packaging boxes from berries, fruits,veggies and cookies

Step 1:

Collect any packaging from food you buy. Do not throw it away. Wash it and see how can you use it. Maybe cut it. Maybe use it as it is. You can always find use for it before you send it to recycle bin.

Step 2:

Place your little things in a plastic container from the berries.

Step 3:

Place paint in the container from oatmeal cookies and plastic box from cherries :)

Step 4:

Place nail polish or rocks in a plastic container from cherry tomatoes.

Step 5:

Use plastic packaging from cookies to organize little things like beads, powder paint, little shells etc.

Step 6:

Now all your stuff are neatly organized on the shelf!

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