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Crayon puppets are great for teaching per-schoolers colors! They are also great to use as an addition to your puppet show! In a couple simple steps you can have your own! Materials you will need: A color fleece of your choice, Red fleece ( if you are making a red crayon use black instead of red), Black felt, 1/2" Poly-urathane foam, Contact cement, Craft eyes ( I get mine from out of the box, Scissors, Razor blades, Marker, Foam board and Duct tape

Step 1: The Head

To make the head: 1) cut three triangles of the same size, this will be your skull. 2) along the long sides of the triangles dab glue, don't use a lot! Allow to dry till tacky till you put together (5 min.) 3) now trace the same triangle pattern you used for the skull onto a piece of fleece. Add 1" seam allowance to all sides. 4) take to the sewing machine and see the edges of the sides together. Now fit the fabric over the foam.

Step 2: Mouth Plate

Now take the foam board and trace 2 half circle the will fit the diameter of the skull. Leave a half inch in between the two boards and place duct tape on over the gap. Now bend over a table and place another piece of tape. Trim the edges. Now cut small rectangles out of foam and glue together to make small tubes for your fingers to fit through. Put a small amount of contact cement on the foam board and put the finger tubes down. Let dry. Now cover the whole front of the foam board with contact cement and put the red fleece over it. Let dry. Glue the excess fabric to the rear of the mouth plate. Put glue on the rim of the top of the board and attach to the skull. Let dry.

Step 3: The Body

Trace a large rectangle of foam that will match the diameter if the skull and the length of about the Heath of the skull times 2. Glue the long sides together. Cut a piece of fabric from your pattern but add a 3" seam allowance vertically and 1" horizontally. Now sew the long ends together and fit it over the puppet.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now sew or glue the upper and lower jaw to the mouth plate. And sew the back of the head using the whip stitch. Sew the excess fabric underneath the puppet the inside body. Now cut small slits to attach the eyes. Place the eyes in the head and put the plastic washer on the back. Cut a thin strip of black felt and sew The ends. Now hand sew it on to the puppet body. Your finished! You made a crayon puppet. You can make these as big or small as you like. Visit my website:

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