Introduction: Crystallized Christmas Tree Decoration

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This instrutable explains how to make Crystallized Christmas Tree Decoration.

This is an easy experiment to grow crystals on pipe cleaners.

You will need the following material :
- Pipe cleaners
- Water
- A jar

Step 1: Make a Saturated Alum Salt Solution

Boil water and pour into a jar.

Add Alum salt until it no longer dissolves.

Step 2: Make Forms With Pipe Cleaners

Make some forms with colored pipe cleaners.

Here we have a candy cane, a star and a snowflake.

You will find more details to realize these forms in the video at the top of this tutorial..

Step 3: Immerse Pipe Cleaners in the Solution

Immerse the forms in the boiling solution saturated with Alum salt.

Then wait for one to four hours. The longer you wait, the bigger crystals will be.

Step 4: Remove From the Solution

Remove from the solution and let it dry.

Your crystallized forms are ready.

Watch the result in video (at the top of this instrutable).