Introduction: Custom Pop! Figure

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Make your very own Pop! figure modeled after you or a friend!

Step 1: Pick Out Figures

To make your Funko Pop start out with a sketch. Mine was for a friend's daughter.

You might think that it is fairly simple to customize a Pop figure since they are near featureless but that is not the case!

You will either have to buy a blank Pop figure, paint an existing figure or merge two or more figures together - all of which will require some repainting. To do as little painting as possible, I shopped for a Funko Pop figure with a the head I wanted but a girl's body. I had no such luck so I wound up with the head I wanted and had to buy a separate Funko Pop for the body. I was trying to avoid the adult females body. If you're making an adult figure it easier unless you want a fancy wardrobe.

In my case, I wound up with Princess Bubblegum's body and Cady's (from Mean Girls) head.

Step 2: Remove Heads

The next thing you will want to do is remove the Pop figure'(s) head.

To do this you will need to microwave water in a glass bowl until very warm. I microwaved about 6 cups for 5 minutes.

Place your little figure in the water and let it set for about 5 min. This loosens up the glue that holds on the head. The head base should peel out with a little force. Cady's head came off easily. Bubblegum's head kept the base on because her body popped right off and then I had to get the base out of her head. It was a challenge.

Dry the head(s) thoroughly.

Note: Even if you're just using a blank figure, it is easier to paint the head and body separately, although not totally necessary.

Step 3: Body Repaint

I repainted Bubblegum's body with a primer, spray paint and actually used nail polish for the skin and accent pieces.

Step 4: Add Features to Head

For this particular customization I am adding freckles, blue eyes and earrings.

I used white, blue and black nail polish to paint the eyes. Pop figures usually come with just black dots for eyes.

Finish the eyes with a drop of clear nail polish. Let dry completely. This will take 24 hours minimum or you can blast it with a blow dryer and be careful not to touch the eyes in order to assemble the figurine.

Hot glue the head base ring back in. make sure it's positioned where it will fit over the neck the correct direction.

Add some tiny rhinestones for earrings.

Step 5: Customize Box

This is not necessary but it is extra fun to customize the box to match the Pop Figure.

Use the box from the head you used. Make the body out of construction paper and cover up the name and rewrite the name of the person receiving the figurine. Add some sparkle to the eyes with nail polish in the same way you did with the figurine.

Step 6: Done.

Gift or enjoy your one-of-a-kind Funko Pop! figurine!