Introduction: Custom Star Wars Galaxies RPG Figure

This is a 3D printed 1/6 scale figure about the size of a Monster High or Barbie figure. I used a small Afinia 479 printer and models from 3DKitbash and Thingiverse.

Step 1: Character Reference

Custom 3D Printed Star Wars RPG Character: Rattataki Bounty Hunter built from 3DKitbash's Generation 1 Quin figure.

A young lady contacted me about creating a custom figure for a friend .She emailed me some screen captures of her friend's RPG character and after a lot of procrastinating I was off!

My client didn't have a ton of info other than the game name: Star Wars Galaxies, and the profession of her friend's character: Bounty Hunter.

I was thinking that this character was a Mandalorian character like Boba Fett, I didn't have anything but the images to go on and it looked like the same type of gear. I later found out the character is part of a race called the Rattataki that can be played as a bounty hunter.

Step 2: Base Figure

I found a lot of full-sized cosplay armor on thingiverse that seemed similar and I shrank the model to 1/6 scale in my Afinia printer's software, I played around with different elements to figure out what would work.
At this stage I thought I'd go with a cloth body suit from an etsy artist that I had worked with before and have the armor attached to the suit. The timing didn't work out for a suit so I ended up going with a few layers of a white rubbery spray called 'Tool-Dip' over the base figure with an additional layer of a plum colored spray paint.
The base figure is a 3DKitbash's Quin 'Generation 1' nude body with 'Infinity Generation' booted feet and gloved hands

The character was pretty much chalk-white so I used white ABS filament to print the figure. I included some other hand options with open and closed hands. I've been making multi-color prints for a while with my simple printer by watching the print and swapping the filament as the parts are printing. I started the hands printing in white and switched to black when the print head got to the gloves.

Step 3: Armor

I used the unpainted figure to check my armor scale and fit.

I printed up the armor parts I would need in the final figure. Some parts like the shoulder scales were bigger than I would need but I wanted to see them overlap on the figure before trimming and combining them. Masked parts with painters tape. Painted Armor I had some under-spray from the plum colored Rustolium rattle can, I went over the white areas with model paint and a brush.

Step 4: ​Rubber Coating

I gave the head and body several coats of white tool dip spray from a rattle can. The head was prepped with some model putty along the seams so it looked more uniform, since the character was bald it seemed like an important step. I masked the figure the same way I masked the armor. For surfaces like this rubbery paint you need to remove the masking tape as soon as the paint is dry or it can stick to the base layer. You can't mask it too soon after the base coat either or you will ruin it. The nice thing about this tool dip is you can peel it all off anytime- even years later, with no damage to the model. I hand painted the head stripes, the left side was much easier than the right since I'm right handed.

Step 5: ​Final Build

I was up against holiday shipping times so I built her without too many stops for progress pics, here she is all together with her weapons and belt. The belt is a doubled up piece of ribbon. On the back of the figure you can see the thermal detonators on her belt, these are just trimmed versions of the generation 1 Quin eyeballs. The 'butt flap' armor is attached to the belt. The belt buckle has tiny magnets behind it so the belt is removable. She also has magnets in the bottoms of her boots so she can stand on a metal base without support.

Step 6: ​Instruction Sheet and Credits

I included an instruction sheet since some of the figure's parts can be removed or swapped out.

Thingiverse saved the day with great model files. I didn't charge for the armor or weapons since some designers don't want their work to be sold, I charge the same for custom figures as I do for a standard Quin. I'm happy to give them attribution for their great models.

All the Boba Fett/Mandalorian armor that I found came in handy on my next project- a female Boba Fett figure. I'll post an 'ible for that asap.

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