Introduction: Custom + Easy + Cheap = Magnificent Jewellery!

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For this Instructable, you will need:
  • an idea,
  • a computer,
  • an Internet connection,
  • a sheet of medium density filberboard (MDF), that's what I used in the case, but you also could take acrylic (PMMA, plexiglas) or plywood,
  • earring & necklace chain & clasps (easy & cheap bought on eBay),
  • spray paint if you prefer a painted version,
  • a camera to immortalize your work & loved ones!
Well, that's all.

What!? And what about the laser cutter, the design files & the necessary software?
In fact, you don't need them if you have all of the above list.

Here are the steps:
  1. Look for a shape that matches your idea on (free) stock vector websites (I used this for the earrings:,
  2. Download it locally on your computer,
  3. Note: you can skip the previous steps if you download the files that are included in this Instructables,
  4. If you don't already have a vector graphics application, you can download and install Inkscape:,
  5. Open your shape in your vector drawing application,
  6. Adjust the size so that it fits your needs (beware of measurement units!),
  7. Create 2 concentric circles: one with respective diameters of 1mm and 3.5mm,
  8. Copy them so that you have 2 pairs,
  9. Position one pair so that it overlaps with the (right/left) border of the shape,
  10. Weld the outer circle,
  11. Select the inner circle and the resulting shape and combine the 2 shapes so that you get only one shape,
  12. Repeat steps 9 to 11 with the other pair of circles,
  13. Adjust the line width and/or color accordingly to the specifications of your favorite laser cutting service provider,
  14. Save your work, you're done! Congratulations, the most difficult part is done with success,
  15. Upload your design on your laser cutting service provider's website or on a USB key to have it fabbed (i.e.: cut) at your favorite Fablab/TechShop/Hackerspace. Don't forget the masking paper tape (the white roll near the can & MDF sheet) so that you don't get ugly fume marks!
  16. Once it's done (or arrived in your mail box), you just have to adapt the chains & claps with easy-to-find tools.
  17. Enjoy your self-designed jewelry!

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