Introduction: Custom-mod' Cookies Paper Box

The usual paper box of your preferred cookies box is graphically undesirable?

Need for a customized cookies paper box, maybe for the homemade cookies you want to offer?

This is an easy way;


you just need:

- the paper box to modify;

- scissors;

- paste or glue, suitable for paper;

- pencils, colors, and/or any other thing to re-decorate your box with.

- not necessary but very practical: an object smaller but longer than the box (I used a wood spoon).

Step 1: Opening the Box.

Open the paper box as usual and empty it (picture 1).

Inside the box, find de small flap used to bring the four sides together (picture 2).

Detach the flap, trying to not to tear it, over the entire length (picture 3).

Step 2: Flatting the Paper.

Now you can flat the paper (see picture).

The inner side, with no writings or pictures, is the surface we will use for re-decoration.

At this step, when the paper is flat, is maybe easier to draw or paint on it.

Step 3: Re-building the Box.

Fold the paper, following the existing folding lines, but in the opposite direction: the 'new' box will have the inner face now outside (and the outer side will now be inside - see pict. 1).

put some paste on the small flap, as indicated in pict. 2 & 3;

Close the box in a tube-like shape (pict. 4) by pasting the flap on the opposite border of the paper.

Leave the pasted paper under a weight (pict. 5 - I used about 1 kg magazines) and allow the paste to dry.

Step 4: Closing the Bottom.

Now the box is still open at top and bottom (pict. 1); let's begin to close the bottom (any one of the 2 extremities, the one you prefer).

Fold the four flaps backward, as in the picture 2; once again, the 'old' outer side is now inside.

Put some paste on the flap as in pict.2; (or also, put the paste under the last flap you will want to close).

close the bottom (pict. 3);

Step 5: Press Down the Closed Bottom.

To press down the pasted flaps, you can use an object that is longer than the box but smaller enough to get inside the box. I used a wood spoon (pict 1):

- keep the box with the bottom side down;

- put the spoon (or the other object you choose) inside the box until the bottom (pict. 2);

- press down the pasted flaps; then, let the paste dry.

Step 6: Fill the 'new' Box.

At this point the box has the top side still open; so you can fill it as you want (pict. 1).

Step 7: Close the Box.

Of course, you can close the top of the box just as you close the bottom;

However, inserting the spoon is now a little bit less easy...

no problem, the weight of the content will do the job: just keep the box with the top side down and wait for the paste to dry.

Step 8: Decorate It.

Once the box is closed, you can still do (or complete) the decorations.

That's it, the new box is finished.


Thank you for your attention and interest,

and thanks to Instructable's website for this (free!) space.


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