Introduction: Cute Yarn Bag

This is a very fun and easy creative yarn bag. You can make it your own shape colour and even size.
This bag can be used as a fancy bookcase or as a stylish bag for accessories.


White yarn
Two other colours of your choice

Yarn hook - crochet hook

Yarn needle


Step 1: The Bags Body

The first step to making this bag is to make the yarn body that will first come out like a scarf.

You will use the Colors of your choice and choose your own length width and height for this bag. To make this you will use only your yarn hook, your scissors to change colours and the yarn colour(s) of your choice

It may take a long time to make this if you are yawing a different method of crochet for this bag.

Step 2: The Bags Side

Step two is to make the bags side, trios is what will make the bag have a bigger space on the inside so if you want to make this a book bag for lots of books you can make a bigger body for the bag and a bigger bag side for the bag.

To make this you will use the colour of your choice and make it as big or as small as you like.

This is not very necessary because if you want your bag to be thin on the sides you do not need to this.

You will need to make two of these for both sides of the bag.

Once you are done with the sides you will knit them onto the sides of your bag

Step 3: Knitting the Bag Side to the Bag

For this step you will knit the side of the bag to the bag using your yarn needle you will knit it on form the inside so that the knitting does not show on the outside of the bag.

Step 4: The Shoulder Strap

The last thing that you can add to your bag is a shoulder strap.

To make this shoulder strap you will take the colour of your choice and make a long yarn like figure with it.

You can make this as long or as short as you want, if you want it to make like a stylish handbag you can make the holding strap short and if you want to make a rucksack bookcase type bag then you should make this shoulder strap longer.

Once your are done making the shoulder strap then you will knit them onto the sides of the bag so you can hold it

Step 5: Then You Are Finished

After following all of these steps you are done !

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