Introduction: Space Rocket Clay Jar

This is a jar in the shape of a space rocket, it is very easy and fun to make and can be used in many different ways, you can use it as a secret treat or money jar, or you can put it outside your house with your key inside to keep it safe.

This is very fun to make and can open up a new hobby to pottery and clay, so why not try it ?
( definitely worth it! )


- Clay

- A jar / lid

- Water

Step 1: Working With the Clay

The first step is to open your bag of clay and to work on making it soft and smooth by adding water and making the clay the way it should be so that it will stick to your jar well without cracking up.

Step 2: Sanding the Jar

To make the clay stick to the jar without cracking and causing you trouble you must work the clay to a good texture and sand your jar so the clay will stick to it properly.

This is very necessary and if this step is missed out your clay may start to crack once it dries.

You may also need to sand the lid.

Step 3: Wrapping the Clay Around the Jar

For this step you will need to flatten out the clay after mixing it well and wrap it around your jar to create the rockets base on the jar.
You may need to add water to the clay on the jar to get it Rostock together with the other side of the clay.

You need to make sure to have mixed up your clay well before doing this step.

Step 4: Adding the Rocket Features

Once you are done with the rockets base you will now add the rockets features, to do this it is your choice if you prefer to wait for the clay on the jar to dry or if you find it easier to attach the rockets to the clay while it is still wet.

( This step may take a while to get everything to stick and for all the features to look the same )

Step 5: Let the Clay Dry

For many types of clays you will need to put the clay in the oven and let it heat, but for this project heating is not necessary and if you will only need to let the clay air dry ( meaning let dry in room temp ) for around 24 hours

If you discover that after waiting long for this project to dry that there are cracks in the clay and your project is falling appart, then you will find that this is probably because you did not mix the clay well in the beginning. If this happens it is better to act fast and spray water on the cracks to make them wet, then you should fill the cracks with moist clay and smoothen out the surfaces.

Step 6: The Lid / the Top of the Rocket

While you are waiting for the clay to dry out on the space rocket you will work on the lid which is the top of the space rocket, you will take the rest of your clay and make a cone like shape with it on the top of the lid, make sure to attach this cone like shape to the lid firmly as the clay may also start to crack and separate from the lid.

After making this and attaching it to the lid, you will also let the clay air dry for 24 hours.

Step 7: Drying

After letting both pieces of clay air dry for 24 hours you can clean the inside of the jar as by now it might be very dirty, you encan also clean toe lid and around the jar so your stuff inside the jar will not get dirty.

Step 8: Painting ( Optional )

After the clay jar is done drying and is ready to be used you then paint the jar in the Colors of the your choice.

This is optional and not very necessary. ( I did not do this step )

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