Introduction: Yarn Fish

This is a very cute yarn fish it is very fun to make and chalenges your creativity skills as well as your hand eye coordination.


To make this fish you will need :

Orange yarn

Two black buttons

Fluff or any kid of stuffings

Yarn knit kit ( optional )

Yarn needle

Black thread

Step 1: The Stuff You Need to Use

These are the stuff you need to use to make this yarn fish.

Step 2: The Fish’s Body

To make the body you must use orange thread and the knit tool to make a circular fish body. Stuff the body of the fish with any kind of stuffing.

Step 3: The Tail

To make the tail you will use the mini knit tool kit and make a fish tail shape with it. Stuff the tail and use your knitting yarn needle to attach it to your body.

Step 4: The Fin

I order to make the fin you will also use the small yarn knit kit and also stuff it in the end . After doing this use your yarn needle to sew the fin onto the fish.

Step 5: The Eyes

Once you are done with everything you can use black buttons for the eyes. All you have to do is use black thread and sew the the buttons onto the body.

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