Introduction: DIY: 3D ClapTrap From Borderlands With LED Candle | Bead Sprites (Perler/Hama Beads)

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Make your own 3D Claptrap from Borderlands, Wub Wub! Today I'll be showing you how to make a neat 3D Bead Sprite of this funny and charismatic character, including how to give him some inside light! You can make your own following this DIY/Tutorial/How to video. This annoying robot will make a great night light or just a fun to watch display figure in your room!

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Materials/Tools Used: Perler Beads Masking Tape Medium & Small squared and circle pegboards. Iron & Iron Paper Hot Glue

So this was something Ura helped me to get the idea and helped me to finally be able to do this in his 3d form! It was complicated at first but after a lot of thinking and planning I did it! Took over 26+ hours to finish and I am happy with the result! Hope you guys enjoy!


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