Introduction: DIY: 3D Jack O Lantern | Bead Sprites (Perler/Hama Beads)

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Don't have time to carve your own pumpkin and need a last minute halloween decoration? Well with this DIY you can create your own Jack O lantern by just using beads, hot glue and LED candle that are easily found in crafts stores.

This was really fun to make and I hope you guys like it as much as i loved making it. I created the patterns and they took me around 5h to make! If you make it make sure to show it to me! We love to see what you made using our tutorials!

If you have any suggestion for other bead sprite creation let me know in the comments below. Also commissions for this are open and I can record my progress for you!

Materials/Tools Used: Perler Beads Masking Tape Round Pegboard Iron & Iron paper Hot Glue


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