Introduction: DIY: 3D Mario Mushroom | Bead Sprites (Perler/Hama Beads)

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Do you remember the old days, when you played a character called Mario? He sometimes ate a Mushroom that made him bigger, why wouldn't you want that too? Today in this "Its a me, video!" you will find a great DIY/How to/Tutorial on how to make your own 3D Mario Mushroom Bead Sprite. Follow the steps and you will end up with an amazing decoration for your room/house or a very creative gift for a special friend! (who might want to be a giant).

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Materials/Tools Used: Perler Beads Masking Tape Round Peg Board Iron & Iron Paper Hot Glue

Ura suggested me to make something different on my channel and that is to record some of my bead sprite creations for you guys to see. It can help you to create your own and also see how I make them.

So here it is! My first Perler Bead Sprite Video! It is a 3D Mario Mushroom from all the Mario games! If you have any suggestion for other bead sprite creation let me know in the comments below. Also commissions for this are open and I can record my progress for you!

You can see more of my bead creations on my Deviantart


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