Introduction: DIY 4 in 1 Desk Organizer From Newspapers

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Hello Instructables!

So I have lots of unused newspapers in the warehouse. And i'm lil' bit confused about what I have to do with the newspapers.And then, I got an idea! I'm going to make a desk organizer from newspapers.Enough with the cliches, Let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

To recycle some newspaper, here is what you need :

Tools :

- Glue gun , PVA glue , Double Tape ( optional )

- Scissors , Hobby/ Craft Knife

- Chopstick or anything to roll the newspaper

Material :

- Newspapers

- Cardboard

Step 2: Making Our 'Lego'

First, prepare your newspaper. And then spread it.

Cut the newspaper into 2 parts.After you have 2 parts, cut it again so you have 4 .Repeat that step until you have 16 parts now.

that's just one newspaper, do the previous step to every newspaper you have until you have a loooottt of newspapers pieces.

After you have a lot of newspapers pieces, time to roll it! Place your chopstick at the edge of the newspaper pieces, roll it and give a little bit of glue at the end. I have to say, you have to be patient doing this step because you're going to make soo many newspaper roll ( i make about 160 roll).Just imagine how cool it will be in the end! *laugh*

Yey, our next step is going to be easier because we already have a plenty of newspaper roll (read : our 'lego' ! )

Step 3: The "Base"

Okay, let's make the base for our desk organizer.

All you have to do is prepare two pieces of cardboard ( mine is 33 cm x 14 cm ),stick it together( to make the base stronger), and then wrap the cardboard with the newspaper.That's it, our base is done.

Step 4: 1. Phone Stand

Let's start the DIY's with our 'Lego' , the first is the phone stand.

First, make the backrest for your phone with a piece of cardboard(adjust the size of your phone).Stick the newspaper roll into the cardboard.So the cardboard covered with the roll.

Second, make the back.Stick the newspaper roll into the cardboard too.

After you have 2 parts, the backrest and the back,stick it together.Place the back behind the backrest ( look at the pic).

And then, add a little part that useful as 'where your phone stand'. Make a hole in the middle of that little part so we can use a charger for our phone.

The Phone stand is completed! Let's continue to the second one.

Step 5: 2. Stationary Holder

The second one for the desk organizer is Stationary holder.Previously, i'm sorry if the stationary holder is a little too high so the stationary is hard to see.

So first, take the newspaper roll and arrange it neatly. And then add a piece of newspaper ( look at the pic ) so the rolls is not messy.

Make a circle from a cardboard, stick it at the bottom of the line of the rolls.Give a glue at the last of the roll so the first roll and the last roll is connected.

Cut the front rolls (look at the third pic) to make it easier to take your stationary from there.

The Stationary holder is completed! Let's go to the third one!

Step 6: 3. Bookshelf Holder

The third one, Bookshelf holder!

Prepare the parts for the bookshelf ( front, 2 x side, back) with a cardboard.

Stick the newspaper roll into the cardboard.So the cardboard covered with the roll.Do it to all of the parts, except the back part.For the back part, you just have to wrap it with the newspaper.

For the side part, we must cut in such a way ( it's up to you). Make a shape that you want with a newspaper (like mine, look at the fifth pic) and then cut the side part following the shape.

Now you have the front, 2x side, back part.

Stick all of the parts into the base until you can see the bookshelf holder as the first member of the desk organizer.

The bookshelf holder is already on the base,let's do it to another 'member' !

Step 7: It's Almost Done!But, Wait a Minute....

The finish line is getting closer.

Stick the phone stand, stationary holder to the base.

And we're done! But wait wait wait. There's still an empty place at the base.Oh no, what should we do?

To remove that empty place, let's make something called tools holder! Don't worry,this is less than 5 minute!

Do the previous previous step, that is stick the newspaper roll into the cardboard,so the cardboard covered with the roll.

After you have the parts(front, 2 x middle (as a divider), back), join them all together.

Now you have something ( read: the tools holder) to fill the empty place. yeaaa it's not empty anymore!

Step 8: Anddd We're Done! Thanks for Coming!

Finally We're finish!

So our desk organizer is ready to use now. I hope you guys enjoyed my Instructable.If you feel this is great / useful, please help me by vote this Instructable to the contest i joined. Once again, Thank You!

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