In this tutorial, I'am showing you how to make an african print mini skirt.
It was inspired by an instagram’s post. Please tag me if you make your own!

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**About Me

Name: Trudy

Age: 19

Step 1: Materials


-Matching thread




-Hemming web

**Free Pattern :

**My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

Step 2: Pin & Cut the Fabric

As always, we start by pinning the pattern pieces against the wrong side of the fabric before cutting them.

At the end, you should end up with one front, two half back, three waistband pieces and two ruffles

Step 3: The Back

Then, we will sew the two darts wich are on the back of the skirt. Don’t forget to the back stitch in order to make sure your seams stay in place. Now, we can install the zipper between the two back pieces. Try your zipper before you close the back opening.

Step 4: Connect the Back With the Front

Pin and sew the front against the back at the sides, right sides together, but don’t go all the way down because we have to install the ruffles. Moreover, it is the next step. I started by pinning the middle first just to make sure that everything is well aligned. And then I close the sides.

Step 5: Waistband

As you can see, I’m pinning the Hemming web against the wrong side of the waist. Move on to the waistband, it’s a super simple step, you have to sew the three pieces together at the side. The waistband should be pinned to the skirt, right sides together. So the Hemming web is still against the wrong side while the waistband is against the right side of the skirt. Then, take it to your sewing machine. And don’t forget to back stitch especially at the angles!

Step 6: Flip the Waistband Inside

Cut the corners so you can turn the waistband to the inside before pinning it. Once the waistband is turned, your Hemming web gets caught between the skirt and the waistband. Now, you can iron it down. I also used Hemming web for the edges.

Step 7: Tips & Tricks

For those who do not know how to remove labels on African print fabrics, know that if you heat them with a hair dryer the glue will melt and your labels will take off easily.

- Trudy Limp