Introduction: DIY Black Ops 4 Zombies Monkey Bone Helmet

Tim had a special guest join him for the holidays, his brother William!! Of course they decided they had to make something. So, the Monkey Bomb helmet from Black Ops 4 Zombies was just the thing. This was a pretty straight forward build: foam, carving foam, and a lot of Dad jokes! FYI this instructable is rated T for teens (lol)

Step 1: Backpack and Inventory

Things you'll need to carry:
Eva foam -tip: we used the puzzle piece floor Mat's from harbor frieght
Exacto knife (careful it's sharp!)
Heat gun
Contact cement
Face mask, gloves, and googles for safety
Paint - white, green, brown, red, dark green
Various paint brushes
Rags - wipe off excess paint
Hot glue/glue gun
Clear coat spray paint
Sticks - commonly found in the backyard (Sorry Stewie, none for you to munch on!)
Thicker foam - more like the stuff you'd use to fill a couch cushion. You can find this at any craft store or some walmarts.
Painters tape - hold parts together until the glue drys
Cristine - a mannequin bust that has been thru and seen a lot of Halloweens. Poor Cristine.

Step 2: Slash Foam

For our Eva foam we went over to Harbor freight and picked up those floor Mat's that snap together. You can easily mark and cut these, plus they are a little thinner making them easier to work with. Measure your skull just below the ears all the way around. We cut out four tear drop shape pieces where the largest part equaled 1/5th of what we measured. We also cut out Nike swoop shapes for under the eyes, a circle for the nostrils, and bird wing like nose bridge. We also cut out a jagged edged hair piece to cover over the seams at the top of the helmet.

Step 3: Heat Gun Activated!

Each of the main head tear drop shapes we used the heat gun to meld and shape to fit around the skull. If you have a Cristine around, she is helpful to get the best rounded shape. Just be kind to her, she's seen a lot over the years!
Use contact cement to put all five tear drop shapes together. Start with the smallest points meeting at the top and squeeze along to get the larger edges together. Keep an eye out to make sure your edges along the top and sides are as flat. Test fit your helmet.

Step 4: The Juggernaut

Draw on your opening for the face keeping in mind the original game design. Remember we are going to attach the under eye, nose, and nostril bridge portions next. Test fit to see if you can.... See. Lol

Step 5: Under Eye Bags

Use contact cement to attach the nose bride, and nostrils. Then attach the under eye swooshes with the contact cement. Tip, if you find your helmet is a little big, you can pull it in a little tighter moving the swooshes so they have a smaller area on your cheeks. We also glued on the cracked skull piece to cover where the seams meet at the top of the helmet.

Step 6: Bring in the Pup!

Test fit and introduce your battle pup to it's new friend.

Step 7: Carve Away

Using a rotary tool and sanding bit carve away at the foam to get it ruffed up. Add cracks, thin around the cracked skull piece, round on the cheek parts, carve out the nostrils, and carve details inside the eye sockets. Really make it look beat up and warn.

Step 8: Blood Splatter

We first sprayed the helmet (inside and out) with plastidip. Please use a face mask, googles, and gloves. That stuff is nasty. Let that dry.

We then collected sticks from the yard. We had them be about the length of Williams forarm lol. They weren't too thick, we didn't want them to tip over the helmet. Once we had enough we laid them out and used a clear coat spray paint to keep them at their current status and from going gross. Lol

Using a stiple brush paint the helmet white. While the white is tacky, paint the cracks and edges with brown. While the brown is still wet, use a rag to wipe away extra paint leaving paint in the cracks and crevices. Take your paint brush dip it in red paint and flick it at the helmet to achieve the blood splatter look. If you feel you over did it with the red you can also wipe some excess away with a rag. Make this look like it's been thru a fight or two. With a detail brush go in and paint the inner eye scokets with a dark green.

Step 9: Stick Stickly

Use your exacto knife to make tiny slices in the back of your helmet. Evenly insert the sticks, only having them just barely go thru to the inside. On the inside the helmet use hot glue to keep them in place.

Step 10: For Foams Sake

Realizing that pointed sticks on your scalp isn't comfy, we took some left over cushion foam and cut out a piece large enough to cover all the stick ends. You might find two sheets of Eva fit better, all depends your your skull size, shape, and foam thickness. Once it's been test fitted and you are happy with it, hot glue the foam in place.

Step 11: Guaranteed to Increase Your K/D!

Try on your new Monkey Bone helmet and have fun! Works great for battles, dances, and general chaos. Enjoy!

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