Introduction: Fun Riddles for Students (Easy to Make!)

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Hello Instructables!

This time i want to participate in the tape contest, so i made another Instructables.So this is some kind of board of riddles that veryyy easy to make.

The lesson plan : If you choose to write riddles, then you can use it as an icebreakers before you begin the class.Kids love games or something fun to begin their learning.Or you can choose to write questions about the learning material, so this is like a quiz.

Okay, without a doubt, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials You Have to Prepare....

To make your students feel excited to study, here's what you need :

- 2 Pieces of cardboard,i took it from a shoe box ( mine is 33 x 25 cm )

-Duct Tape and Double-sided Tape ( Our MVM! (Most Valuable Material :D))

-HVS/ A4 Paper

-a Pen

-Origami Paper

-Scissors and Craft Knife

- Ruler

-Glue gun

Step 2: "Windows Part"

First, sketch the "windows" which will be cut.You have to measure it well so it looks good.

After you have the sketch, cut it out with your craft knife. Don't waste the pieces, because we're still using it as a cover.

Using the duct tape, connect the pieces into the main board (like the pic).So the duct tape look like a door hinge.

Now we have the windows part. Let's go to the next step.

Step 3: Combine the Windows Part and the Bottom Part

First, attach the hvs paper into the cardboard (the bottom part) using double sided tape.This hvs paper will be used to fill the answer.

Combine the windows part and the bottom part using a glue gun.

Cover the windows with origami paper to make it more colorful.

Step 4: Searching and Making the Riddles

Search and write the riddles you want to write.You can change this riddles to learning material,etc.

Where i got the riddles :

After you write down the riddles,attach it into the duct tape in the board so the duct tape is invisible.

Don't forget to fill the answer of the riddles inside :)

If you feel the riddles board is boring, you can add some decoration to make it more "attractive".

Anddd that's it. Thank you for viewing my Instructable. If you think this one is cool af, help me by vote this at Tape Contest. Once again, thank you!

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