Introduction: DIY Cardboard Organization Device

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If your an old man and you struggle with organization, you can fix that problem with my homemade cardboard organizing device!!

With this teacher's tool, you don't have to take up your time to find your pencil or book.



Hot glue gun

Razorblade knife

Step 1: Trace and Cut

For this first step, you will need a few cardboard boxes and a marker to sketch it out.

Now take your marker and sketch out the shape of the first image above, then make a second the same only a little smaller, and you're third a little smaller than the second.

Then make a box about 6 inches by 6 inches, then cut it out and trace 6 more.

Then measure how big you want the base of your soon to be bookshelf and add one of the squares to your decided length and cut out two rectangles for the base and the back. Then take one of the rectangles and sketch out a slant so it has no extra cardboard hanging out of the bookshelf.

The last sketch you will want to do is a sketch about a half of an inch around a piece of paper (you will need to make two of these). Then make two three-inch wide and paper length for the sides.

After taking your razor blade and cut out your sketches.

Step 2: Glue

For this final step, you will need to take a hot glue gun and your cardboard cutouts.

Now take your base and back then glue the back to the base. Once you do this you will need to start putting the shelf separators to keep the structure up before it collapses.

now you will need to take your square cutouts and make a box (leave the top open). Then take your last two squares and bake a four-way split in the middle of the box. Now glue this to the bookshelf.

Now take the rest of your cutouts and make a rectangle with the two tops and two sides and glue this on to the rest of the project.

There you have it a fully functioning cardboard organization device!!

Enjoy! (please like and vote, thank you!)

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