Introduction: DIY Craft for Girls : Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Accessory

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Easy DIY Crafts for girls are the best way to pass away leisure time making something easy and creative! This time I bring for you a uniquely beautiful and easy to make craft idea. Learn how to make a Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Accessory.An easy to make DIY Hair Bow Tutorial with step by step Instructions that will easily guide you through to make a Colorful Satin Ribbon Flower. Make such fun Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Craft Flowers that you can make to use for your Gift Wrapping Projects or to make Floral headband and also as a Decorative Craft idea.

Learn How to Make a Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Acessory

Step 1: Material Required!

To make the Multicolored Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower you need:

Satin Ribbons




Decorative Stones

Glue Gun & Stick

Foam Sheet

Thread & Needle



Rubber Band

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Make ribbon pieces of green color and yellow colors in 9 cm and 6 cm respectively.

Fold the ribbon as shown in the step by step tutorial to make the petals.

Fix the yellow petals inside the green ones and paste them using a foam sheet circular base.

Step 3: Add Colors!

Cut Blue and Purple ribbon pieces measuring 9 cm & 5 cm long.

Make petals. Watch the tutorial for easy step by step petal making instructions.

Arrange and paste them in the flower on the base.

Step 4: Make the Last Flower.

At the end cut ribbon pieces measuring 2.5 cm and make petals with it.

Sew the petals to make a flower and paste it in the center

Sew a pearl in the petals of the central flower.

Decorate the Flower with Stones.

Step 5: Add the Hair Bow

Take a Hair Bow and paste it to the base of the Flower using Glue Gun

Step 6: Your DIY Multicolored Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Is Ready!

There is nothing as pretty as making your own DIY Satin Ribbon Hair Bow that makes for an amazing easy Satin Ribbon Craft Idea too. Make your very own DIY Hair Accessory and flaunt pretty hair bow hairstyles amongst your friends. This DIY Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower is an awesome way to indulge in a Quick and simple DIY Project Ideathat gives you such amazing and handy crafts to use.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial.