Introduction: DIY: Cute Valentine's Day Box Idea - for Him & Her ❤

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Valentine's is just around the corner and this such a lovely idea to gift your beloved.

For this cute valentine;s box, I've reused a cardboard box painted it so it looks like a wooden box, you can be yourself here do as you please. If you're gifting it to her I suggest you fill it with makeup haha ladies love makeup! Also, you're the guy is definitely going to fall for you again because is such a cute gesture to write all your feelings and stuff it inside this box. This is so much better than what you just buy from archies, walmart or any other store. The person you're gifting this to will forever remember this gift as its so you.. everything handmade by you. It just adds up more value to your gift. I've also made a cute peanut valentine's card, Filled it with small scrolls and candies. Even If you're low on budget this will definitely save you...because you have so many options to fill this box with different small gifts you can also fill rose petals and candy both. Anything you do will only enhance it.

So stop buying stupid expensive gifts that people don't even remember. Make something your partner remembers forever and this is the perfect valentine's gift you can give him/her.
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