Introduction: DIY Denim Keychains

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Hey, everyone! I wanted to share this DIY with you all. It came to me recently when I was sitting in the kitchen just chilling out. I also have been hand sewing since I was about 11 years old. I taught myself how to hand sew at my grandma's house one summer and have been sewing ever since. It was fun to put this DIY together and to share it here. So let's get started! :) Also, if my pictures look a little funny, that's because my camera was throwing a tantrum. I had to use my phone to take the pictures for this DIY.

Step 1: Material Grabbin'

For this DIY, you'll need:

-Old jeans (or any clothes you just can't part with)

-Gift card

-Needle and jean thread (you can use regular thread if you decide to use material other than jean material)

-Key ring




-Fabric or acrylic paint

-Paint brush

-Fleece or interfacing (if you use something other than old jeans)


Step 2: Tracing Makes Perfect!

Whoops. That didn't make any sense. LOL

Grab your jeans, your pen, and your gift card. Trace around it onto your jeans, then draw a second line around the one you just drew. This makes your seam allowance. Pin together, then cut the pieces out. You should have two jean pieces and a fleece piece.

Step 3: Cuttin' Strips

Now cut two strips and sew along one side. Since it's hard to turn a jeans tube this small, leave the other side open, then flip it outside in and fold the pieces inward. Pin and sew along both sides. This makes a loop for the key ring to go in later. If you're pressed for time, you can also snip a belt loop off the pants and use that instead.

Step 4: Feelin' Loopy

Now fold your little strip in half and insert it loop side down between the two pieces of jeans material. Pin and then pin your fleece on. I tried to pin it all at once but it kept sliding around, so I found it easier to pin the jeans and then the fleece. Sew around the inner line, making sure to leave an opening for turning. Clip your curves and all around the piece (but not the opening). It's tricky to get the needle through the layers of jeans without hurting your finger, so I like to grab a magazine or something else and push the needle against that when sewing.

Step 5: Following Your Arrow

See what I did there? Hehe.

Now grab your key chain, turn it right side out and make your design. I did arrows on one side and "Follow your arrow" on the other, but you can do anything you want. Just make sure it isn't too complicated. ;) You can use acrylic or fabric paint for this. In the intro picture, I used a skewer to make the dots on the key chain, but if you don't have one, you can use a cotton swab or a click pen to make the dots. Let your paint dry completely (I like to give it at least a day) and then add your key or keys. Enjoy! :) This makes a great gift as well.

If you recreate this DIY, I'd love to see it! Hit me up on Twitter @The_CraftyChica. Thank you for checking this DIY out. :)

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