Introduction: DIY Easter Egg Gift Box

How  would  it be Easter with out Easter eggs, candies  and bunnies? According to the tradition people often give chocolates, rabbits, and eggs as  gifts. Therefore, I would like to combine all these easter symbols in one lovely Diy Easter egg gift box for both kids and adults.  Scroll down to see the amazing gift box.
I have done with a normal size egg as it was the only egg mould I had.If you want to make this use a big size mould to have a big easter egg gift box.

Step 1: Requirements

What you need to make the Easter Egg

News paper
Binder gum
Baby ribbon
Elastic thread
A round bead
small piece of sisal rope
Plastic egg -as mould
Printed  tissues -two colors of your choice
Sharp pointed tool - to make hole

Step 2: Paper Mache

The traditional paper to use for paper mache is newspaper, which is torn into short strips.Cut edges should be avoided, because they don’t blend in. Newspaper is cheap, and it is a soft paper that is easy to bend and mold around.
Cut the news paper into small pieces.Mix water and binder gum together.For a  bowl of water, just a spoonful of binder gum is more than enough.Soak the cut news paper for a couple of hours.Squeez the water away and  grind to a paste.If necessary add a little bit more water.

Step 3: Cover Egg

Squeez the water way and wrap the paste over the egg,and tap with your fingers to make it smooth and even.

Step 4: Cut Into Halves

When it is half dry slowly cut in the middle, as when it completely dries out  it is difficult to separate.I did this after 8 hours.Then let it dry over night.The next day it was easy to cut into halves.Wait until it is fully dreid if not it will break.
What do you think of the shape of the  egg?

Step 5: Crumple Tissue

With your hands crumple the tissue paper and open it. Repeat this step three times with the two sheets of paper. The red  colored tissue paper is for the inner side of the egg.

Step 6: Glue Tissue

Apply a coat of white glue/binder gum  on the outer area of ​​ of the egg and glue the tissue paper on it.
Cut the excess paper with scissors but leave just a little so that you can cover the edges.
Apply a coat of white glue/ binder gum  inside the egg and glue the crumpled sheet of red  colored paper.I pasted red only to one half of the egg.Trim the excess paper from inside the egg.

Step 7: Decorate With Ribbon

Apply binder gum  and secure the baby  ribbon on the edge to give it a finished look.It would be nicer if you use any decorative lace around the edges.Unfortunately I did not have the lace.

Step 8: Connect the Halves

Make two holes on one side of the egg halves.. The distance between the holes is 1 inches .
Place the two egg halves next to each other, keeping the two sides together and pass a piece of elastic through the holes, connecting the two parts of the egg. Tie a knot to secure.
On the opposite side of the egg wall make a single hole in the center.
Cut  3 inches of elastic. Join the two ends and tie a knot, forming a loop.
Pass the strap through the hole in the box lid, starting from the inside out.

Step 9: Attatch Pearl Bead

 On the other half of the egg make a hole in the center  and attatch the pearl  bead to keep the gift box closed.

Step 10: Sisal Stand

Cut  a piece of  sisal rope and attach it with binder gum on the outside of  the egg forming a circle. This part of the egg will be the base of the gift box.The egg gift box  will stand in place  with out rolling.   :)

Step 11: Admire!!

Fill the  egg gift box with chocolate and candy and put a small  bunny in the center.
Pull the elastic and close the box.Don't you think its cute?

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