Introduction: Scary DIY Fake Halloween Hand Prop!

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Halloween has become one of the widely celebrated festivals nowadays! Halloween, also known as All Hallow’s Eve is a day celebrated in the memory of martyrs saints and people who are dead. People watch horror films, burn candles, visit haunted places and have fun! One the most important part of celebrating Halloween is DIY Halloween Crafts. People make some horrible and haunting crafts, décor items and dress up in wicked dresses for a perfect Halloween feel !

Today, we have an amazing, scary yet easy to make DIY Halloween Hand Craft which you can easily make at your home. This is a cringe worthy and spooky Halloween hand prop which you must try. Here is a complete guide to make your own Halloween craft and have some cool Halloween room décor in your home!

Here is an amazing Halloween Special Craft which you can try at home and have fun!

Step 1: Things You Need to Make This DIY Halloween Craft

  • Cello tape
  • Cotton bandage
  • Glue gun
  • Cutter
  • Vaseline petroleum jelly
  • Scissors
  • Red colour and brush

Step 2: Let's Start Making Creepy Halloween Craft!

  • The first step to make a cool hand prop is to make the hand. You can make the hand of your hand size and thus, the measurements will be of your hand.
  • Take petroleum jelly and cello tape. Apply the petroleum jelly on your hand. This will prevent the tape to stick to your skin. In front and on the back, apply petroleum jelly which will make your hand oily.
  • Cut the cello tape and wrap it around your hand. Use the big and broader cello tape to cover more area. Wrap randomly on the area which you applied petroleum jelly.
  • Let your thumb remain separate and wrap few layers of cello tape as you wrap a cotton bandage on your hand. Wrap the fingers and thumb with the tape apply thick layers.

Step 3: Let's Wrap the Hand Using Cello Tape and Make a Small Cut to Remove It!

  • When you get a satisfactory thick cover on your hand, use a cutter to cut the tape and stick it on your hand. Press your hand and fingers thoroughly to let the tape stick better. Now, we need to remove this tape from the hand. For this, use a cutter and cut the tape from bottom. Be careful that you don’t get hurt from cutter.
  • Make a long cut and slowly remove the complete tape from your hand.
  • The tape will easily get removed as you have applied Vaseline petroleum jelly which will prevent the tape to stick tightly to your hand. Once you remove the tape hand from your hand, stick the cut with the cello tape.
  • Join the cut and wrap 2-3 layers of cello tape. This will give it a complete cello tape hand look.

Step 4: Let's Wrap the Cotton Bandage on This Hand!

You have successfully derived a hand-shaped object form the cello tape now. You need to wrap the cotton bandage on this hand. Apply glue gun on the entire hand segment by segment and wrap the cotton bandage. Cover the entire hand and apply 2-3 wraps of the cotton bandage to give it an original feel. This is a Spooky Halloween DIY craft which will make your Halloween quite interesting!

Step 5: Let's Color the Hand!

  • Once you get the bandaged hand ready, it’s time to colour the hand. We are making a Scary Halloween craft and thus, the colour must be blood red! Get dark red colour which will give the illusion of blood. Get a brush and start painting the bandaged hand.
  • The cotton bandage may soak a lot of colour. If the colour feels very light, you can apply a second coat of colour on the bandaged hand. Once the colour is done, you need to again tie a bandage layer on the hand. Cover the bottom and the gap between your thumb and first finger. Also cover the entire wrist area in a criss cross pattern.
  • With the help of a glue gun, stick this second bandage layer. Also, let the stains of red colour appear on the second layer. This gives a spooky and cringed feel to the hand. Cut the bandage and stick it with the glue gun.

Step 6: Your Scary and Horrifying DIY Halloween Craft Is Ready!

Carry this spooky hand or use it as a Halloween Décor idea for your Halloween party! You can also use it as a Halloween Room Décor while placing the hand in a plate. As shown in the video, you can place it in a plate which has blood like red coloured stains. Deep a fork and knife on the hand to make it look simply more cringe worthy!