Introduction: DIY Fish Cat Toy

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Hey all! I'm back with another lovely cat toy! Let's do this! :D

*Updated February 2017 with pictures of the denim version of the toy. :) I realized after I'd posted this that the eye could possibly be chewed off by some cats. So if you make these guys with eyes, please supervise your pet during playtime. I don't want anyone to choke or something. Thanks. :)

Edited January 2018 to add a scan of the template.

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable you'll need the following:

-Old jeans or T-Shirts


-Needle and thread



-Fish template


Step 2: Fishy Preparations

Sorry, I know that was bad. XD

Anyway, grab your template, pen, and your material. Trace around the fish template onto your material. Draw around your fish again. This creates the seam allowance. You should have a fish inside a fish.

Step 3: Pin the the Fish?

Somehow I don't think that works like Pin The Tail on The Donkey. ;)

Pin your fish together and cut it out.

Step 4: Sew It

Grab your fish and sew around the perimeter. Make sure you leave a spot open so you can turn it right side out. Turn it. Then stuff it.

Step 5: All Done!

Sew around the outside of the fish, closing up the stuffing hole as you go. Now give to your cat and enjoy! You can also make this out of jeans for cats who are more rambunctious and rough with their claws. If you make it with jeans, you can embroider the eyes on. I've been asked if you can use fabric paint for the eyes before. I'm going to say no, just because I don't think fabric paint is safe for a toy that a cat is going to be chewing on. Even though the package says the paint is nontoxic, I don't use it on pet toys as a rule of thumb. I didn't have time to do a jeans fish for this tutorial but I'm planning to update the tutorial to include a jeans fish. :)

Step 6: Can You See Now?

Now grab some other material and draw some eyes on it. Cut them out and sew them on. I recommend sewing the eyes on before you sew the fish together. It's a lot easier. I didn't take my own advice, naturally, and that's why the eyes look weird in this tutorial. LOL, sorry about that. I ended up doing a whip stitch around his eyes after I had stuffed him.