Introduction: Router Bit Storage Rack/Tray

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I have some major OCD when it comes to organization ... it's horrible. I need everything in line on my desk, my shirts are hung in order of style and then sub-ordered by color, kitchen cabinets basically look like the cover of a supermarket magazine, etc.

My first router bit set came in a case, which was great because it met my organization standards. Now that I'm buying one off bits and they each come in a separate case. Even better ... each case is of course a totally different shape and size.

I need a solution to keep them organized and easily accessible and I decided on a french cleat/portable tray design. Notice the red bits in the same row ... away from the green.

Step 1: Cut the Rack to Length

I made mine with scrap plywood, which was 3 1/4" wide and just happened to fit where I wanted to store the rack.  Here I'm cutting the overall rack to 15" long, which fits my desired space.

Step 2: Lay Out and Drill Holes

I laid out my holes 7/8" in from each edge and spaced them 1" apart.  My router bits have a 1/2" shank, so I drilled 1/2" holes with a forstner bit.

Step 3: Attach a Layer of Hardboard

For the bottom, as a stop for the shanks, I glued and pin nailed on a piece of hardboard.  It is cheap and I use it on most of my shop jigs.

Step 4: Cleat and Base

To one end I attached a cleat, which is just a section of plywood cut at a 45 degree.  On the other end I attached an arbitrary length of plywood.  Glued and pin nailed.

Step 5: Assembled and Oiled

I finish all of my shop jigs with a mix of 50% boiled linseed oil and 50% mineral spirits because it's fast and easy.

Step 6: Complete and Mounted

I have an entire wall of French cleat storage, on which this could hang.  However, in this case, I screwed a mating cleat piece to the back leg of my router table.  It is easy to access, out of the way, and otherwise unused space.