Introduction: DIY Gathered Crop Top | Trudy Limp

This croptop keeps popping up in my instagram and pinterest feed. And so I ended up with this tutorial.

You’ll need:

-Tulle fabric


-Elastic band



Pattern : (manga bufante)

My Sewing Machine : Toyota Super Jeans J15

About Me:

Name: Trudy Age: 19

Step 1: The Top

So I start by cutting my fabric first. You should have a rectangle that is the width of your fabric because we need enough fabric for the gathers. And as far as the length is concerned, it’s as you want.

Now, divide the chosen length by 4. For example if it’s 20 cm, you must place an elastic band every 5 cm.

Moreover, the 4 elastic bands in question are equivalent to your waist circumference.

I’m available to explain if necessary so don’t hesitate if you missed anything.

Then, just sew it but make sure that you are pulling on the elastic and not the fabric because it is the elastic that must adapt to the fabric and not the opposite. Once you have done, we fold this rectangle in half before sewing at the side. For this tutorial I only use zigzag stitches;

Step 2: The Sleeves

Now, let’s move on to the sleeves that are supposed to be oversized. The pattern I’m using is a modified pattern , so go check the info bar for details. Here again, I pin the pattern against the fabric before cutting it. I didn’t add any sewing values because my sleeves are big enough. Then, add an elastic band at the armhole and the bottom of both sleeves. As for our large rectangle, pull the elastic and not the fabric while you are sewing. After that, you will need to close the sleeve.

Step 3: The Final Result

And so the last step is to sew each of the sleeves to top for about 6 to 7 cm.

Here’s the result, hoping you enjoyed it.

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Trudy Limp